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Contrary to what you may think, the best salt is not Himalayan, nor Celtic. It’s a salt you have not yet heard of: Himalayan Black Salt. It’s pink in color. Just because the salt that you see at the store may be black in color, don’t be fooled into thinking that it is the same as Himalayan Black Salt. The only way you can tell whether it’s the real thing is by opening the jar. The smell will be so awful and strong that everyone nearby will ask where that terrible stench is coming from. That stench is your new, healthier-than- any-other salt.


You’ll recognize the smell. It’s sulfur. You know, that old rotten egg smell.

The salt is brought in by my friend, Adiel Tel-Oren, directly from the Himalayan mountains. Adiel, or Dr. T. as he is known, sponsors an orphanage in Nepal, and takes people trekking in the Himalayans. You can order the sale from a clinic he is associated with, Ecopolitan



We all know the need for high levels of oxygen in our bodies. Many of us know the connection between low cellular oxygen and disease, and most especially cancer (as per Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg’s discovery). As it turns out, sulfur and oxygen have a love affair with one another going on in our bodies. Sulfur binds with four molecles of oxygen. SO4 (Sulfate) is a major molecule that delivers O2 to red cells. They talk to each other. The oxygen molecule finds a sulfur molecule, and says to it, “Hey buddy, how ya’ doing? Hey, I have a present for you. Here’s a little O2 for you. It’s my gift to you.”


Sulfur has a host of functions in the body and it is an essential mineral that most of us are deficient in. 

  • Essential for on-going detoxification
  • Iron/sulfur proteins live in the mitochondria, the energy factory of cells
  • Assists in glucose metabolism, thus reducing inflammation
  • Necessary for proper enzyme functioning
  • Gives connective tissue and cartilage flexibility, appropriate elasticity to prevent sagging and wrinkled skin
  • Gives keratin (hair and nails) strength

Besides liberally salting my foods (because this salt REALLY IS good for you), my favorite way of replenishing my body with sulfur is to take a floatation session at La Casa. The float chamber has 800 pounds of Epsom Salts.



I have covered the benefits of Epsom Salts previously in Musings, when I talked about the benefits of one of the ingredients of Epsom Salt: magnesium. Indeed,

Epsom salt is made up mostly of magnesium, and thus we get the very profound relaxation response to the float experience, as well as reduced pain and muscle cramping. Magnesium is great. But Epsom Salt is also made up of sulfur and oxygen.


Sulfur deficiency has been implicated in the diseases of autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis and chemical sensitivities. Without sufficient sulfur, the detoxification pathways of the body cease to function

properly. This can result in a level of toxicity that makes foods high in sulfur not easily tolerated. If you have a negative reaction to the high sulfur cruciferous veggies—broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, mustard greens, bok choy, as well as the alliums of onions, garlic and leeks—then it is likely that you have a sulfur deficiency.


Sulforaphane is one of the primary substances in cruciferous veggies, and it is this that makes them smelly, as well as conferring an anti-cancer effect. Sulforaphane increases the liver’s detoxification enzymes that provide protection from cell mutations, cancer and a whole host of other harmful conditions that these toxins are involved in.


Although I am about 95% raw, I do cook my broccoli for two or three minutes, though not to a boil. Compared to slightly steamed broccoli, raw broccoli actually gives you a diminished amount of sulforaphane. There is a heat-sensitive protein—epithiospecifier—that is in love with destroying sulforaphane. So slight cooking is important in order to eliminate this protein, and enables the broccoli to retain the enzyme myrosinase, which then converts to sulforaphane.


La Casa Spa & Wellness Center recently participated in Piers Gelly’s wonderful podcast, Cellar Door, in which he explored the benefits of floatation. It’s really such a fascinating listen—well worth the few minutes it takes to hear it. He himself is speaking, and he has a great voice, with lots of enthusiasm. I highly recommend spending a fun few minutes with Piers. You can find the Podcast, Cellar Door, in the panel below.





Gelly notes: “Jane is a psychoanalyst. For Jane, the most valuable feature of floatation is that it approximates dreaming, letting the mind wander while allowing the floater to observe the course of those wanderings with more clarity than during sleep. In that particular train of thought, Jane sees the murky contours of the subconscious. In this way, floating’s not unlike psychoanalysis… I hadn’t considered the analogies between floatation, talk therapy, and radio until I spoke with Jane.”


You can listen to the podcast, or read the full transcript of the show, by clicking HERE.







Respectfully submitted by:
*Licensed Psychologist
*Certified  Psychoanalyst
*Stone Carrier Medicine Woman, Native American Traditional Organization



Jane’s latest book, My Mother, My Daughter, My Self recently made it onto a wonderful Christmas Book Gift Guide from Yellow Days. You can see the full list HERE.


The book currently has a rating of 5 stars on Amazon, thanks to reviews like these:


“Love this book! It embraces all facets of being a woman, a mother and a daughter. I highly recommend this book to all women!”

“This is a very touching, warm and insightful memoir. It is also a deep examination of the relationships between mother and child and is replete with very useful information both psychologically and sociologically. It’s about birth, life and death. It’s about children of all ages and their relationships.
As I read this book, there were many times where I stopped and said to myself “God, I wish I’d known this at the time!”. I didn’t get as misty as some of my friends did while they were reading it, but this is a very special read.
Do yourself a favor and get this book. It will touch you, it will reach you, it will teach you. If I had my way, this would be required reading for all parents and adult children.”



“This extraordinary book successfully manages to explore every facet of mother-daughter relationships in a manner that will simultaneously move and educate the reader. Essentially, it’s an intimate memoir that happens to be imbued with powerful psychoanalytical insights, thanks to the fact that author Dr. Jane Goldberg has worked as a psychoanalyst for decades. Thanks to Goldberg’s lyrical and elegant writing style, you’ll learn a wealth about intimate family relationships, without ever struggling to process the more academic information peppered throughout. A unique and truly fascinating read.”


We were very pleased earlier this month to see Dr. Mercola getting behind the concept of hormesis – a subject Jane has been talking about for a decade, as evidenced by her 2014 book, The Hormesis Effect


Jane is frequently at the forefront of ideas that are documented and proven for their efficacy, but not yet well-known – and hormesis is one of those concepts.


You can see the full Dr Mercola report HERE.

An excerpt is below.


Hormesis and Polyphenols: Why Are They Important for Your Mitochondria?


“There are special types of non-typical antioxidants that produce their effects through a process called hormesis – a term we use to describe health benefits from taking low doses of something that is otherwise toxic, or even lethal at higher doses.

For example, many of the fruits and veggies you eat are loaded with natural compounds called polyphenols. The plant produces these polyphenols to ward off pests and predators.

“The polyphenols are toxic to the predators, but since we are much larger, and we take them in far smaller doses, they actually cause our body to develop a protective response that makes us stronger. This brings me to one of my new passions: you can improve mitochondrial dysfunction by taking advantage of these beneficial polyphenols.
And one very special type of polyphenol is called resveratrol, which is extracted from Japanese Knotweed Root.”


 The Hormesis Effect is availble to purchase HERE.





Tributes have been flooding in from readers, after our last Musings, which paid tribute to Burton Goldberg, who died in October at the age of 90. Here’s a sample of what people who knew him, or knew about him, had to say about one of the most beloved figures in holistic health…


“Burton and I go back 25 years, and I was in Bangkok with him last month. I’d never seen him so relaxed and happy… I and his other friends here in LA are grieving. Thanks for your memorial to Burton!” – Rex Wilson, ND


“Hats off to you, Burton, for all the positive lessons that you have left for many to savor. Your spirit lives on and keep up that great work from the Other Side.” – Marilyn Curtis

“Thank you for this beautiful piece on Burton. It is very sad for the world, but sadder, for those who were close to him. He had a huge impact on my expansion from my own self-experiments to broader knowledge and confidence in “alternatives”… a term he has ironically helped to soon make obsolete. I listed his book in my book as a resource long ago. I know more about him now, thanks to you. It is a beautiful write-up.” – Kat James


“Thanks for all your sentiments.
I know how you feel. Xo”
– Leigh Erin Connealy MD

“I met Burton in the Bahamas at Dr Michael Ingraham’s office, many years ago – he impressed me as a truly genuine, humble and very aware medicine man. Sorry for your loss of this Great Man!”
– Gregory Lewis


“I have just read the La Casa email about the passing of your dear friend Burton. What an amazing individual. Your words made me see how much you valued and cherished his friendship and him. I know you must be hurting right now and so I am just ‘reaching out to you’, as I see people have begun to say. I am sending you hugs, and want you to know I am thinking of you.”    -Lana Goldberg




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After visiting the Best Answer for Cancer conference in April, and after meeting Jerry Tennant, MD (with whom Jane is studying in Dallas this next week), Jane discussed the importance of voltage in Think of Your Body as One Great Big Battery.


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The positive effect of therapeutic blue light was explored in Blue Light Good; Blue Light Bad. As well, Jane presented information on the negative effects of the ubiquitousness of blue light in street lights, computers and cell phones, and the solution of how to prevent these exposures from ruining your sleep (which constant exposure will certainly do to your circadium rhythm.)


The following month, we featured an article about the problems with prostate cancer screening written by a good friend, Peter Starr, who healed his own prostate cancer through natural means: Be Informed About Prostate Cancer and the PSA Test


In September, following Jane’s research on the therapeutic effects of low-level radiaition, which resulted in her book, The Hormesis Effect, Jane wrote Rethinking Radiation: Let’s Go Rad!


And, finally, we bid a very sad farewell to one of our favorite figures in holistic health history, and a friend of Jane’s, the man credited with founding alternative medicine in this country: Remembering and Mourning the Loss of a Great Man and Dear Friend: BURTON GOLDBERG


For a complete archive of all Musings , you can find them all on La Casa‘s website, HERE.


We at La Casa look forward to seeing and hearing from you, sharing thoughts, explorations and insights into this incredible, fascinating, sometimes ecstatic, sometimes painful journey that we call Life on this lovely planet Earth, our first Home, Mother to us all. 2017 – here we come!!!!




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La Casa Spa and Wellness Center was created out of the experience one woman had with her mother. Long before holistic medicine became widely known, Dr. Jane Goldberg spent the 1970s seeking alternative cancer therapies for her mother, who had been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Following sound principles of holistic health, Jane’s mother was able to reverse her cancer condition entirely, moving from her wheelchair to joyfully playing tennis again. This experience inspired Jane to specialize in her psychoanalytic practice to work with cancer patients, and to fulfill the need for a holistic healing center in NYC. Jane and La Casa invite you to partake of the restorative and profoundly cleansing therapies that have brought La Casa world-wide recognition.


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