Trip Advisor: “Great Place For Cleansing”

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August 3, 2013

“Great place for cleansing & detox in the best location”

“My Mom gave me a gift certificate for a colonic for my birthday. I couldn’t believe what a terrible present it was and thought maybe she had started to hate me – lol :-). I decided not to let the money go to waste and made the appointment. I was surprised: the whole experience was pleasant and relaxing. The therapist was really friendly and obviously very experienced at making people feel comfortable. The hour flew by. After the treatment I spent a little time in their waiting room sipping herbal tea (felt like I was in the tropics) and picked up a flyer on a new therapy called the Metatron. I have a chronic circulation issue that’s caused me to be on medication for several years and I’ve been looking for a more holistic approach to understanding the underlying cause. This afternoon I went in for my first Metatron appointment and was utterly amazed. The system scans your body and gives information about biological imbalances. It immediately picked up on the precise location of my circulatory problem and pinpointed specific pathogens that were contributing to the condition. In short, it confirmed a lot of what I already knew from medical testing, but in addition gave me information on the root causes so that I can treat them. I’ve had 2 great experiences so far. I wouldn’t recommend the place if you can’t do stairs (there’s no elevator and the stairs are steep) or if you’re looking for a high-end luxurious place. Guess what mom’s getting for her next birthday…

Evelyne White,
Brussels, Belgium
Visited August 2013