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Film Premiere!
La Casa, in association with the Beljanski Foundation, is proud to present the premiere of
The Beljanski Legacy; a film about the pioneering discoveries of Dr. Mirko Beljanski in the areas of carcinogenesis and the destabilizing role of environmental toxins on DNA.
Dr. Beljanski’s daughter, Sylvie, has continued his important research and will be at La Casa to speak, after the film.
Tuesday, January 13, 7:30pm
Jane’s latest and best concept for understanding who stays healthy, and who recovers from disease:


Jane will be talking about this at the next Mondowell Conference: New York, March 2015

Another great review from one of La Casa’s satisfied customers:

“This was a very enlightening  experience and I would recommend this very special place, and caring woman, for what ails you” 


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Musings From 20th Street
An Invitation From La Casa Day Spa

Come see us Saturday night for a highly informative talk with Daryl Goiffre about Get Off Your Acid7:30pm, and, as with all La Casa seminars and talks, there is no charge. Just fun, meeting people and learning a bit to help you live healthier and longer.
Special Treat: Two Musings in One Week!
First, an emergency has resulted in Dr. Alim having to cancel his talk at La Casa this Saturday night, but we are so very pleased and fortunate to have Daryl Goiffre agree to speak instead. Daryl has been my, and my daughter’s, chiropractor for several years (Upper East Side location), and he is brilliant at this. But for the past three years, Daryl, with Tony Robbins’ endorsement and support, has been developing a new product that is amazing.

La Casa has always been sensitive to the importance of alkalinity in health. We give all our clients alkalized water to drink. We use alkalized water for our treatments, including a colonic using an alkaline implant. Daryl’s new product is the best product on the market for alkalizing your body. And it’s got the cutest name. Check out his website:

Come hear Daryl speak Saturday night about his product, and be the first in line to buy it, hot off the presses. (Parenthetically, Dr. Oz has included a jar in each of his Christmas gift packages.) I have been taking GetOffYourAcid for a month–love the taste, love the feeling it gives me: instant energy. Even my daughter adores it (and she is VERY picky).

More updates:
Since I have your ear (or eyes), I thought I would take the opportunity to say a few things, as further updates on various topics I have covered in the past (in addition to the most recent Musings that went out earlier this week, which was an update on almonds).

I am always pleased when I write something that people find useful. And I am particularly pleased when I seem to be at the forefront of science and natural health developments. So I was very happy when I saw the  New York Times covering fecal transplants, and their value.

Long-time Musings readers will remember that I covered this topic in May 2013. But we know it’s really hit Broadway when the Times covers the story.  The article refers to a study wherein 19 of 20 patients with C. difficile infections were cured of diarrhea and related symptoms. Most saw improvements after one two-day round of pills, the rest after two or three rounds. A different study showed that transplants are nearly twice as effective as antibiotics for recurring C. difficile.

Another update is about PSA, which I also covered in the past, showing the test has an 80% FALSE POSITIVE RATE. Even the antigen’s discoverer has disclaimed the test as being accurate for cancer detection. Yet, for two decades, most physicians and virtually all urologists still push for PSA testing and multiple biopsies.

About water:

I often tell people that I have organized my life around water. I grew up on Lake Pontchartrain (in New Orleans), and my family had a boat that we went on every Sunday.

My mother and sister were both swimming champions. We were all swimming teachers. As soon as I was able to afford it, after I moved to New York, I bought a house on a lake (northern New Jersey, home to more than 100 lakes). Then I decided I needed a place to swim in a natural body of water when it’s cold in NY/NJ.

I bought my farm in Puerto Rico, and opened the first La Casa: La Casa Resort Spa. I have been happily swimming in the ocean in winter for 30 years now. When I opened La Casa Day Spa, 21 years ago, I wanted to replicate the ocean environment, and thus, came the floatation chamber.

Wallace Nichols’ amazing new book, Blue Mind: Your Brain on Oceanbrought to my attention by Conseulo Reyes, director of Rethinking Cancer–explains my fascination, urge, craving, even need to be around water, next to water, and in water.

Blue Mind studies the emotional, behavioral, psychological and physical connections that keep humans so enchanted with water, and explains the changes our brains experience when we are close to water.

Nichols examines seas and oceans, lakes and rivers, even swimming pools, as well as the contents of our bathtubs. He is a marine biologist whose passion for our planet’s water goes far beyond a mere academic interest.

He tells us the interesting anecdote that Michael J. Fox made the career-changing decision to leave the hit show “Spin City” (and go on to launch the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research) after a surprise swim with a sea turtle. Nichols tells us of the necessity to get closer to water, not only for the sake of our individual health, but for the environment and a healthier future for all mankind, the earth, and all its species.


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Think of your body as part of the earth;
think of the earth as part of your soul.

Respectfully submitted by:
Jane G. Goldberg Ph. D.

*Licensed psychologist
*Certified psychoanalyst
*Stone Carrier Medicine Woman of the Nemehah Band and  Native American Traditional Organization