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Proper pH of Water

Currently the best water to drink is a pure clean water that is free of organic matter with a pH of 7 or above. There are currently over a 1000 choices of commercially bottled water to drink. But in order to maintain a healthy body and a healthy permanent weight, the water has to have a pH of 7. To lose weight, the pH must be at least 9.5 or above in order to enable the body to release its hold on fat as a protection of the blood and tissues.

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and specialist in the study of microcluster water, has found that polluted or contaminated water, as well as that which is highly processed and chlorinated, produces microclusters and crystals of water that show deformities.

Conversely, pure alkaline water produces beautiful clusters with a unique and ordered variety. Emoto’s research is a remarkable revelation.  His photographs of polluted and alkaline pure water molecules can be viewed in his book, “Messages from Water,” or at www.hado.com andwww.hado.net, and provide additional evidence that “water is not only a mirror reflecting our mind,” but water is “the source of life.”

What is Supra-Water?

Supra-Water is an electron-rich alkaline water that is processed on a bottle-by-bottle basis. It is purified by being passed through 4 filters and then electron-enhanced and alkalized through a Jupiter-ionizer/alkalizer. It is passed through a copper winding coil (because water never travels in nature in a straight line) magnetized and, finally, structured using the Cem Tech.

Suggestions When Drinking Supra-Water

1)                            Drink one 16 ounce glass every hour or 1 liter every 2 hours. You may have to work up to this, but this should be your best-case healthy goal.  Your stomach, kidneys and bladder will be “happy” to accommodate this effort if you keep at it with determination. If you weigh less than 120 pounds, decrease by about 20%; if you weigh 190 to 250 pounds, increase about 20%; if you weigh more than 250 pounds, increase 30%.

2)                            Some scientists say it is best to drink half an hour before eating and between meals.   Water’s role is to bathe the cells in alkalinity with its electrons which will help prepare your body to receive food.  If you are eating ahigh water content meal, you may also drink with your meal.  Yes, you heard me right — YOU CAN DRINK WITH YOUR MEALS — if you are eating a high water content meal and using high pH

3)                            Drink electron-rich, alkaline, pH Supra-Water throughout the day.  Don’t wait until you are hungry or thirsty because many times when you feel hungry, your body is really thirsty.  Thirst always indicates a present state of mild dehydration.

4)                             Increase your drinking by drinking at least 1 liter of electron-rich, structured, pH Supra-Water for each one hour of exercise or stressful mental activity.

5)                            Learn to listen to your body. Do you feel dehydrated?  Is your mouth dry?  Are you experiencing fatigue or light-headedness?  Always use electron-rich, structured, pH Supra-Water before taking any medication.

6)                            Drink at least 1 liter per 30 pounds of weight of electron-rich, structured, pH Supra-Water with green veggie powder or diluted fresh juices to maintain hydration during extreme weight loss, muscle building or weight gain.

7)                             Avoid commercial sport drinks, energy drinks, caffeinated sodas, tea, coffee, chocolate drinks, alcohol and/or beer.

8)                            Drink only electron-rich, alkaline, pH Supra-Water with or without the green powder or diluted fresh green juices.

9)                            End each day with 16 ounces of electron-rich, structured, alkaline pH Supra-Water.

10)                        To help elimination if congested or constipated, drink the electron-rich, alkaline pH Supra-Water warm.

11)                        Remember, you must “pee or perspire” your way to incredible health, energy, and vitality and you can speed the path dramatically by drinking pH Supra-Water.