What Clients are Saying About Energy Healing at La Casa

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“My daughter was having severe stomach and back pains and I had heard about Dr. Jane Goldberg’s treatments and diagnosis for medical issues that might be hard to pinpoint. La Casa Day Spa is close to where we live so we went in for an appointment. In today’s time when it practically impossible to get an appointment she saw us right away as she has experience with her daughter of the same age. What was amazing is that my daughter did get relief from the pain after her treatment and she told us that she most certainly had issues with her kidney which was clear to see on the screen of the machine. There were other symptoms as well. We then got to City MD the next day it turned out by a simple test that she did have a serious kidney infection for which you must take antibiotics. He felt that she should have blood work done as he mentioned other things/infections could be going on… maybe candida etc… This was a very enlightening experience and I would recommend this very special place and caring woman for what ails you if you have confidence beyond what the traditional medical world prescribes. I for one have have not always been satisfied with traditional medicine.”
-Lynda Deppe


“I have been dealing with severe acne for nearly 10 years, and when I first came to La Casa I was feeling hopeless about ever ridding my skin of the cysts and breakouts I constantly had. I have tried Accutane, countless prescription creams, and antibiotics, all to no avail. Jane Goldberg recommended I try La Casa‘s blue light treatments, and it has significantly cleared my skin.
Sitting under the blue light for 15 minutes on a weekly basis has almost completely eradicated my cystic acne and seriously reduced my breakouts. The treatment itself is totally non-invasive (so much better than harsh creams 2x a day, as I was previously doing) and relaxing given the setting (the spa feels like a real retreat from the city). I never imagined I could so significantly clear my skin with such a simple treatment, and am so grateful to Jane and La Casa for their help!”
-Joy S.


“I have a chronic circulation issue that’s caused me to be on medication for several years and I’ve been looking for a more holistic approach to understanding the underlying cause. This afternoon I went in for my first Metatron appointment and was utterly amazed. The system scans your body and gives information about biological imbalances. It immediately picked up on the precise location of my circulatory problem and pinpointed specific pathogens that were contributing to the condition. In short, it confirmed a lot of what I already knew from medical testing, but in addition gave me information on the root causes so that I can treat them.”
-Evelyn W.


“I am a 60-year-old female who has been living for the last 11 years with what western medicine has labeled as an incurable cancer. Thanks to the help of the Metatron, which Dr. Goldberg introduced to me, my life which had felt very grim, is getting better and better. The Metatron scan the body through frequencies, diagnoses whatever maladies it finds, and then treats the various conditions. As an example, it found that I had a UTI infection, which, indeed, I had had symptoms of. With one correction done with the machine, and then using a remedy that Dr. Goldberg made with the machine, and gave me to take him, the UTI was thankfully gone in a day. In addition, I have suffered from intense pains caused by the deterioration of an over-irradiated part of my body; these are now more bearable and improving. For instance, I could not lift my leg to touch my toes, and now can do it with ease. I recommend using the Metatron for all heath regimes. I have weekly appointments using it, and I consider these sessions to be invaluable to my living now a norma life, and relatively pain-free.”


“I have recently experienced vast amounts of back pain in my lower spine area. I was lucky to use Jane Goldberg’s Metatron system to relieve me from some of my back pain. In seconds, my back felt lighter and less stiff in the hurt area. This machine was able to diagnose my pain and had me feeling better instantly. Thank you for your help, Jane!”
-Lilly Perlstein


“Thank you La Casa for recommending the bio mat that you have in your repertoire of healing methodologies. I pulled a leg muscle and using the biomat helped tremendously. You are committed to helping others in every possible way and for that I thank you.”
-Robert O.


“I had a reading on the Metatron with Jane and while looking for a deeper, DNA layer of a problematic point in my lung, all of a sudden I saw on the list of issues the name of the very same lung disease that my mother died of. It was a very rare disease. I was surprised that the Metatron even had this disease in its data bank. Discovering my genetic predisposition to this disease was both shocking and scary but for sure points to the accuracy of this kind of body reading. I have committed to working with Jane, using the Metatron for “corrections” on a weekly basis. I don’t think I can change my genes, but I certainly believe that I can impede the expression of any genetic problem I have. I feel both confident and great that I am embarking on this exciting process with Jane.”
-Michal G.


“I have been suffering from stomach pain for over a year. I have tried many treatments with very limited success and a lot of frustration. I was referred to Dr. Jane Goldberg for a session with the Metatron. Going into the appointment I had no idea what to expect but I left in awe of how much that machine was able to tell me about my health. It scans your body and pinpoints the pathogens and/ or imbalances. It was painless and remarkably accurate. Now that I know the cause of my pain I can move forward with the appropriate treatment. I found Jane to be patient and very knowledgeable on the human body. I will definitely go see her again.”
-Rosa U.


“I was suffering so badly with painful Planter’s Feet that I couldn’t walk across the room without yelping with each step! Within minutes of using the Cem Tech device on the arch of my foot, the pain reduced radically. The next time I got up to go to the kitchen I stopped to notice, I HAD NO PAIN!”


“I call it the “magic sticker.” I put the matrix on her chest when my two-year-old started to cough and was coming down with a cold. The next morning, she was totally fine – all symptoms gone. Another time, she had a discharge from her eye. I cut a small piece and put it near her eye for the night. I did the same thing for my two-week old infant – who also had a discharge from her eye. With both children, by morning time, their eyes were completely clear, and both children went back to their usual exuberant selves. For myself, once I had a migraine headache, and putting the magic sticker on my head definitely helped the headache to go away. The Matrix has been an almost instant cure for so many purposes.”
-Zipi Green


“I have used the Matrix now for 8 months. Every time I get my period, I use it – and it totally takes away the pain. Every month. It has been a fabulous discovery for me.”
-Carson Chayefsky


“I have suffered terribly from menstrual cramps since I first got my period. I had terrible cramps, and bled profusely. But mostly, it was the pain that was so unendurable. My mom had to routinely call school and tell them that I couldn’t do gym, or that I would be late, or that I would not be there at all. But all that changed when my mom got a little sticker pad that she called the Matrix. The first time I used it, my pain subsided completely within 30-minutes. It was miraculous. Truly miraculous. I use them now every time I get my period. I haven’t suffered cramps at all – and the bleeding too has become a normal flow. I don’t really understand how or why it works, but it has changed my life.”


La Casa Day Spa shouldn’t even be called a day spa. It is so much more. It is a true healing center with true healing therapies. I went in unable to even walk without limping – I couldn’t bend my leg at my knee at all. I met the owner – Jane Goldberg – and she told me – with absolute conviction – no doubt at all in her voice – that she could help me – and that she could help me quickly. She put me on 2 machines that seemed very Star-Trekish – she said one was a Russian device (called the Cem Tech) –and explained how far ahead of us the Russians are in doing energetic medicine. The other machine was bigger and apparently used magnetic energy (called the pulsed magnetic machine). After both treatments she made me walk around – and voila – no pain, I was walking bending my knee. Truly – nothing short of miraculous. She sent me out with a little disc that she told me to wear – and then told me to come back the next day to get it revitalized. I did all of the above – and – I have to say – I have never had an experience like this before. A painful inflammation in my knee – gone in a poff. The treatments took altogether 30 minutes. I am god as new. Really – I don’t understand it – but La Casa Day Spa is my new home. Also – the ambiance is quite wonderful. You do not know you are in NYC while you’re there. The sounds, scents, plants, furniture – all designed to give you a feeling of being in a tropical garden – and you do. Best healing experience I have had since I moved to NY from Israel.”


“Today I had an phenomenal experience at La Casa Spa in New York with Dr. Goldberg. I scheduled an appointment for the Magnetic Pulse Therapy and I feel wonderful!. I believe the technologies that she is offering at La Casa Spa surpass conventional therapies, deliver rapid results on a cellular level and allow for profound changes to take place.

I experienced physical shock and trauma at a very early age and have spent several years in physical therapy to remove the imprint from cellular memory. As the tissue is deeply scarred in many ares of my system, it is challenging to get down to the root and release the anchors that are holding it in place.

To being with, she handed me a paddle like device called Onnetsu which sent far infra red deep into the tissues. While I could hold it is some areas without any discomfort at all, in the areas where I had old injuries, breaks, tears, sprains etc. I could only hold it for a few seconds. My conscious awareness was flooded with a full range of temperature sensations from luke warm to intense heat with just a shifting of this paddle over the surface of my skin.

One area in particular I experienced a 20% reduction in the size and overall area of a bony cyst. The change took place in less than 20 minutes of rubbing the device over the top and lifting it off, repeating and holding it for as long as possible with each pass. The shape of my hand has changed and I have greater flexibility in it already.

Next I experienced the magnetic pulse portion of the visit. It felt like I was sitting on a pulsing drum. Later she wrapped what looked like a long extention cord around my hips and turned up the pulse meter to the point where my system became overtaxed. Turning down the impulse brought a sense of calm and greater balance overall. I also noticed a greater range of motion at the end of this process.

What happened next was amazing! In her infinite wisdom, Dr. Goldberg brought out a little hand held device called Cem Tech and told me to hold the two discs in any area that I felt would benefit from some extra attention. I placed one disc at the base of my spine and the other on a very tight thigh muscle. In less than a minute, the muscles that previously had reached their threshold with the magnetic pulse therapy, dropped their long held defensive holding pattern, softened and within 5 minutes my entire belly region relaxed.

Within the next five minutes thrill bumps ran up and down my spine and spread out across my back. My heart and the muscles in my chest wall relaxed. I felt an old familiar ”fearful feeling” suddenly leave my belly and a shift took place throughout my system. In place of the fearful feelings came a rush of warmth and joy.

Then she brought out a headband with crystals for me to experience. . More sensations of warmth and calmness spread from head to toe. More open feelings of joy in the body and peace in the mind.

Normally being in a busy place like the city is overwhelming to me and I tend to avoid crowded areas. Today I was able to cope with ease when I walked through the chaos of the city streets back to Grand Central. I was present in a more relaxed body, able to take in far more information without feeling overloaded.

The Cem Tech portion of the experience lasted 10 minutes and accrding to Dr. Goldberg that was just a “sample” of what this hand held device can do. I am really looking forward to my next session of Magnetic Pulse Therapy, Onnetsu followed up by an even larger sample of the Cem Tech at La Casa!”
-Susan Freeland


“Good Morning! There is more to report to you today!I wore the matrix pieces last night. I cut one up and posted the information with instuctions to my cells to tune in. I felt like there was a mild energy field forming around my body where ever the pieces were. This was a new sensation and experience for me since my senses have been blocked in the past and as they open up I am in awe of what is around me and very curious to explore more. What took place behind the matrix piece that I placed on my forehead went beyond words. What is in it?

My right hand is taking on a more aligned position to the wrist.

Some of the musculator surrounding my hip joints has let down its guard. I feel the combination of the magnetic pulse brought them out into the open, pushed them to their limits and the Cem Tech let them know that they were a great bunch of cells and that it was time for them to be promoted to another position.

There are currently a sore bunch of cells who were not thrilled at being exposed. I am coaxing them with lots of water. Some of them were dis-charged out of my leg last night in one big jolt. I felt them all lining up in parallel around the knee where I ran the paddle. There is currently a trickle down effect taking place. I can see why having the device is a good thing! Place two discs whote side down and all cells calm down and take their place or leave quietly.

My eyes feel more open and receptive and my friend noticed immediately when I met up with her this morning. “You look really calm. What new thing did you do and where did you do it? Your eyes and your whole face look dreamy and softer.”
-Susan (again!)


“It was night and I got pink eye, it was horrible, within a few hours my eye got red like blood and very very swollen. It was uncomfortable and painful, I couldn’t sleep. The following day I got the Cem Tech and started treating my eye, within 6 hours I was out of pain and the following day the swollen went down. My eye was still red and uncomfortable, I kept with the treatment and by the third day my eye was back to itself. I kept on with the treatment for two more days just to be certain that it’s all gone. I was nervous that my husband and babies will get a pink eye too as it’s highly contagious so I made a remedy with the use of the Cem Tech, they all drank it and no one got sick! I’m so happy that I got this little genius device, I feel like I have my own home doctor to help me keep myself and my family healthy. I highly recommend this device and hope for everyone to own their own Cem Tech. Thank you so much for La Casa Spa for introducing this wonder to me!!! I’ve been explored to so many great ways of healing through this amazing spa, one of my favorite spots in the city!!!”
-Zipi Green


“After an emotional roller coaster of dealing with all of life’s heavy tasks, stresses, and feats, I constantly suffer from migraines and headaches on a daily basis. On a good day, I even tend to have a slight headache. I am accustomed to popping at least two Tylenol a day to “cure” my painful headaches, however, I’m well aware that my liver is working way too hard to metabolize the Tylenol, and eventually the Tylenol’s long term usage will cause damage to my liver. To be in pain short-term or long term? That is the question. I’ve always needed a short nap to recover from my migraine, but who honestly has time for a nap nowadays, especially in New York City where time is money.

I was a Premed student at the University of Texas, however, the thought of pursuing medicine was daunting to me since I’m not a huge believer in pharmaceutical drugs. The idea of “curing” a health problem with a pill always seemed too easy instead of diligently examining the lifestyle more closely and fully diagnosing the real problems at stake- such as diet, sleep patterns, etc. I decided that this career path wasn’t for me, so I moved to New York to pursue my artistic passions instead.

Fortunately, I met an amazingly inspiring and all-knowing woman, Dr. Jane Goldberg, who introduced an alternative, healthier lifestyle for me. At first, I was a skeptic, like most people would probably be when first thrown into a different dimension of an innovative medical practice. I informed Jane of my terrible migraines that I was experiencing, and she insisted that I try the Cem Tech, a Russian handheld, therapy instrument which communicates directly with the cells in the body using millimeter wave technique. I figured that I had absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Furthermore, the woman has been accurate ever since I’ve met her; I would never accuse her of being wrong now since she’s always right on the money. This woman is a prime example of this modern type of healing technology’s success and results. I’ve never met a more energetic, lively, and intelligent woman at her age-65-yet she has the spirit and vigor of a 25-year-old.

After 20 minutes of using the Cem tech, my migraine was miraculously gone. The pain was completely nonexistent. I’ve been using the Cem tech on a regular basis, and my migraines have dissipated. I hope to keep using the CEM tech, but I have a positive feeling that I’ll be migraine free soon.

I’m a firm believer now in the Cem Tech. I’d recommend it to anyone who has doubts of any kind.”
-Kimberly Gifford


“OK – I’m a dog. I’m Jane’s dog. I know I can’t really write about my experience – so I am “channeling” it through Jane (if you can believe that sort of stuff). So – it was a fine sunny Saturday, and we were immensely enjoying our stroll around the Union Square farmer’s market. Suddenly, my whole world changed. I went from being planted solidly on terra firma to being in another dog’s mouth. She was one nasty bitch-dog – very large, very furry, and very mean. She shook me like I was a rag doll, and poor Jane was screaming and jumping around, trying to free me. The whole episode took about 3 minutes, but of course, from my perspective, it felt like an eternity. Finally, I was released, and back safely in the loving arms of my mistress. But – not without pain and suffering. We rushed to the vet – and I will tell you I was down for the count. My whole throat was slashed wide open – and my surgery was very extensive. That first day, after I got back home from the good doc, I basically didn’t move. Jane was in shock, and frankly of not much value to me. She did hold me tightly – never letting go. I was beginning to think that she would never let me go for the rest of my life. But finally, she seemed to get her wit’s about her, and she thought to take out what she calls her miracle device – the Cem Tech. She gave me a treatment, and I will tell you, it really was a miracle device. Pretty instantly, my energy improved, and I went from being a good-for-nothing lying around dog to having some spring in my step. In fact, until I had the Cem Tech therapy, I wasn’t even walking. But – then energy seemed to come back. I started to feel like the world was a place worth living in again. Thank you Jane. Thank you Cem Tech. But i want to warn you — should you see that monster dog hanging out at Union Square ever again, do NOT be friendly to her. She is not a good person.”