What Clients are Saying About La Casa Colonics

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“The first thing I noticed after leaving the office was how incredibly light and healthy my body felt. It was as if I had only eaten salads and juices for the past week — the complete opposite of how I felt when I walked into La Casa’s door. I also had a mini endorphin high, kind of like finishing a great spin class. And when I got home, my skin was glowing… I maintained that post-facial radiance in the days that followed…”
-Siraad Dirshe


“I know most people don’t talk about this stuff in polite company, but if you are ever going to get “colon therapy” (aka a colonic), you should get it done by Sher. I really can’t imagine the experience going better unless there was a unicorn holding my hand and a Pegasus massaging my temples. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.”
-Michelle R.


“I don’t trust anyone else with my colon therapy. Cher and Gaia are excellent at putting you at ease (I have shy bowels) and getting to the root of your health issues. Then Gregg gives you a nice piping hot cup of tea afterwards to help you relax before you hit the road.”
-Tamara T.


“My Mom gave me a gift certificate for a colonic for my birthday. I thought maybe she had started to hate me – lol :-). I decided not to let the money go to waste and made the appointment. I was surprised: the whole experience was pleasant and relaxing. The therapist was friendly and very experienced at making people feel comfortable. The hour flew by. After the treatment I spent a little time in their waiting room sipping herbal tea, and it felt like I was in the tropics.”
-Evelyn W.


La Casa Day Spa is a fantastic place and I can’t believe that everyone and their mom isn’t beating down the door to get an appointment. The setting is very relaxed and extraordinarily peaceful.
I got my first colonic here today and it was a much different experience than I had pictured in my head. First of all, the room is very calming rather than sterile and cold. Cher was very friendly and great at putting me at ease and making sure I was comfortable. She was professional and respectful of the situation at hand. Not chatty like some spa staff we’ve all encountered. She asked questions about my lifestyle and diet to make recommendations on how I could improve my digestive health.
I enjoyed my experience so much that I scheduled my next appointment before I left. I’m very interested to try a float on my next visit!”
– Ryan L.


“I went to La Casa this past week to get a colonic. I was obviously nervous and hesitant to get this procedure done as its not something you would imagine feels comfortable. When I get to La Casa, the first thing I notice is how calming and inviting the waiting area is. When I was greeted by Cher and taken into the room, she described the whole procedure to me, made light conversation and just really made me feel at ease. The colonic went great! I felt amazing afterward and cannot thank La Casa Spa for creating such an amazing experience for me. I would highly recommend taking a day to cleanse and detox your body. Its well worth the time and money. Thanks again La Casa!”
-Kristin C.


“I actually discovered during my last colonic that my menstrual cramping and horrendous pain was 100% FROM STOOL. I got a colonic a few days before my period and I had zero cramping. I usually know exactly when it’s coming – it’s that bad – and since my colonic, I have no clue. All of a sudden I’m bleeding and I’ve had no pain. I’ve been telling all my friends to say goodbye to menstrual pain!”


“About three weeks ago, I had injured myself quite a bit while playing recreational softball. By the end of the second inning, I had pulled each groin muscle and severely scraped both my right arm and right leg. That night and the next day, the muscle pain was so excruciating that I could hardly walk. The scraped areas where the skin had been removed created a stinging, burning sensation that pulsated up and down both my arm and leg. Dr. Jane Goldberg, Owner of La Casa Day Spa suggested I try energy healing immediately as the pain got progressively worse as the day went on. I used the Cem Tech device and the results were unbelievable. After 15 minutes of holding a tiny diode in the same spot, centrally located between my groin and knee, I stood up and was able to effortlessly and painlessly walk around again. It was like night and day. I repeated the process once more and the relief this energy healing provided lasted the rest of day and into night. I used it two more times the following day and shortly thereafter, the pain had significantly lessened and my body seemed to have healed the skin wounds much faster as well. It was astonishing to feel how much pain was instantly reduced after one use of the Cem Tech. As I was holding the diode on my body for the first time, I will admit I was skeptical as I have never used healing technology like this before and was in so much pain that I didn’t think anything would be able to make the pain go away (aside from time). Cem Tech and energy healing is an amazing process and one that more people should utilize as ingesting synthetic pain relievers does such harm to the body. I am happy to say I did not have to take one Advil while healing from this situation and one week later, I felt 100% better.”


“I have endured many uncomfortable colonic sessions during my recent healing from an illness and have personally witnessed the powerful connection between a strong/healthy/vital body and a clean colon.
During my recent visit for an intensive colonic at La Casa Day Spa, NYC, the once challenging treatment experience had been completely transformed. My wonderful therapist Cher wrapped some sort of coil around my belly and amazingly the pulsation started doing all the work. It was as if I turned a faucet on and all just drained fluidly without the usual and associated discomfort. I can’t ever imagine getting a standard colonic again and have shared my experience with all those that I care about. I recommend this therapy protocol to anybody serious about their health and well being.”
-Michael Russak


“Hello NYer’s. I don’t go to La Casa for the spa treatments so I can’t comment on the over-all spa experience but if you’re looking for a top-notch colonic therapist then you’re in luck. Years ago a friend of mine got his first-ever colonic from Sharon Stone and later that day had such an amazing experience of well-being that he told me I had to go see her. I did and have been visiting Sharon for periodic treatments ever since. If you’ve never had a colonic but have been thinking about it, or if you’re not happy with your current practitioner, I would encourage you to book a time with Sharon. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her competence, gentleness, professionalism, and warm presence are a winning combination. And if you’re nervous, like many people on their first visit, she’ll put you right at ease, walk you through the process as it unfolds, and educate you about colonic health as well. So, don’t be scared to give this a try. Sharon’s a pro and has a long list of steady clients to prove it. You’ll be in very good hands.”


“I can only speak for the colonic which was excellent… While the spa is not high-end, it does have a casual and cozy, tropical ambiance which I found inviting and relaxing for alternative health treatment. Good value.
Pros: Best colonic therapist,
Cons: More wellness center than spa.”


“I came to La Casa because of back pain. A friend had said that having a colonic would help. Several people I know told me that La Casa Day Spa was the best place in town to have a colonic. In fact, the colonic was wonderful. The therapist was kind and gentle — a real “soul”. But I gave myself an additional unexpected treat. I also floated. Floating was sublime, totally the best thing I had done for myself in a long time. The water was clean – having just been filtered and UV lighted. I was buoyant in what I was told was 800 pounds of Epsom salts – which they explained was highly detoxifying – as well as keeping me afloat. I actually fell asleep (I think) for a few minutes. I solved most of the world’s problems because of the “SUPRA-CONSCIOUS state that I fell into – where everything became clear. Seriously, I felt terrific at the end of my 2 hour visit there – like a whole new day had opened up for me. Can’t wait for my next visit.
Pros: nice helpful staff, beautiful facility in a tropical setting sort of way,
Cons: up one flight of stairs”
-Eleonore A

Best Colonic in NY

La Casa is home to the best colon therapist in NY. Sharon Stone is an incredibly thorough, professional, experienced practitioner. Enlightened and extraordinarily knowledgeable on all aspects of health (including diet and supplements) she integrates massage to help you get the most from your session. She is truly a healer. Best colonic in NY.
Pros: Best colon therapist.”


“Although I am only 14, I take my facials and spa treatments very seriously. I love La Casa – for so many reasons. My mom’s been going there for years – and kept hounding me about going. So, one day, I did. The people there were really friendly and make me feel right at home; I did not feel intimidated by the space – I found it warm and inviting (unlike so many other spas that are modern and cold). The therapists gave me a great massage and facial. But… here is the thing… when I was there last, one of the colon therapists started talking to me about my face – which had broken out in a few zits (actually since I started going to yoga). I didn’t completely believe what the colon therapist told me, but I decided to trust her anyway. She told me that a series of colonics, combined with facials, would totally change the way my face looked. And she was so right! By the third colonic, I started seeing my old, fresh face – no more blemishes. I started looking 12 again (just joking)! Everyone who wants a great face should come to La Casa.
Pros: friendly, knowledgeable staff; warm atmosphere; great treatments.
Cons: I had to wait a few days to get the colonic appointment.”
-Malvina M.


La Casa Day Spa is a gem. It is like a diamond in the rough, but without the rough! The waiting room is spacious, light and airy and looks like a tropical garden. I sipped my tea pleasantly – which was offered and served by a nice, balding man named Gregg who seems to own, or manage the spa. I was picked up by my therapist and escorted to my treatment room – and there the real delight began. I had come for a massage and a colonic: the pain first (not really); then the pleasure. The colonic was – believe it or not – totally relaxing. My therapist – whose name was Cher – had a non-stop running massage on my calves and my abdomen as she was gently encouraging (through various gentle manipulations) my bowels to release themselves. It was absolutely sanitary – and when it was over, I got up feeling lighter and my back that had been aching for 3 days felt infinitely freer and less achy. The massage was soothing and deep – and somehow the therapist knew when to do which. I’m a convert. More colonics; more massages for me. La Casa is my new home.”


“At long last, I found THE day spa that will be mine forever! Not only did I have a colonic with a professional named Cher – who proves to be the most talented there is – but I have now introduced my very conventional, conservative boyfriend to this therapy…and he’s made it his own. (Thank you, Cher! ). I also tried the oxygen/ozone bath to deal with the wound on my foot that would never close and heal… and following that treatment, and then an “accusage” with a pro named, Jenn, well, it’s finally healed! (I’m back in my Manolos!). Thank you for all of your steep knowledge and expertise and a great “day at the spa”, LaCasa!
Pros: Expertise, professionalism.”


“I walked in the door and felt like I was in another world far far away from the noise and hassle of New York City. I knew immediately this was going to be a very special experience. I had signed up for one of the day packages and what a day it was – heaven on earth. It all started with this very nice elderly man who reminded me of my father. He was very reassuring and made me feel right at home. After all, I was about to have my very first colonic. The colonic made me feel like a new person, although not as pleasurable as the massage I had afterwards, it was not unpleasurable. But the most exquisite experience of my visit was the float. I’m planning on repeating the whole day next month.
Pros: pleasant & experienced staff – takes you away to another world
Cons: up a flight of stairs but great for the quads.”


“Highly recommend… I’m totally hooked now! I have had one colonic before and it was so so…this time I was totally comfortable b/c of the atmosphere in the spa and the experience of the therapist. I felt sooo much better afterwards and I have been back three times since.”


“My doctors blamed my 3-week long periods on the fibroids in my uterus. The first time they operated, they removed 3 fibroids, one so dense that the sonogram didn’t spy the 3 other fibroids hiding behind it, which a 2nd operation removed. The one fibroid left in in the lining can’t be removed by such a simple procedure… for that one they will have to go in through my belly. And yet, after two operations and 6 fewer fibroids – I was still getting hugely heavy periods for 3 long weeks each month, a situation that lasted for over a year. Needless to say I was getting pretty anemic and my sex life was taking quite a hit. Then I started seeing Gaia. After my first session with her, my next period lasted 6 days ONLY, which was nothing short of a miracle for me. I did several more sessions with her – I was doing a 6-week long cleanse and saw her weekly – not least as she’s as kind and charming, as disarming as humans come – and am ecstatic to report that thanks to Gaia my menstrual cycle is entirely back on track. I would suggest anyone who has fibroids or otherwise unpleasantly long menses seek her out. She changed my life significantly! Thanks again, Gaia.”
-Tami Landress


“I went to La Casa to get a colonic. I had never gotten one done before, so I was naturally very nervous… But I felt very comfortable at this place. The waiting room is filled with comfy chairs and plants and relaxing decor. All the equipment they use is very clean and they explain everything to you before they do it to make you feel at ease. My colonic was not uncomfortable at all and after, they gave me suggestions and ways to change my diet that would better my health. They were very hospitable and professional and I would definitely recommend his place.”
-Erica C.