What Clients are Saying About La Casa’s Detoxification Treatments

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La Casa Day Spa – a warm and inviting oasis smack in the midst of NYC’s otherwise bustling Flatiron/Union Square area — is not to be missed! A departure from the usual understated Zen-like enclaves, La Casa seduces with its tropical hues, lovely East Indian touches, and the meditative trickling of its fountain — instantly one is wafted above the urban hubbub. More important is its menu…Beyond the expected spa fare – massage, sauna, facials and cosmetic protocols – for me, La Casa is distinguished by its stand in holistic science, offering therapies and healing devices lauded as non-toxic alternatives (or enhancements) to conventional (and costly!) medical/pharmaceutical treatments. Well-documented in scientific research journals, these include oxygen therapy, pedi-detox, pulse magnetic therapy, metatron, whole body vibration and others.
Believe me, I can testify — having recently beaten back lymphoma (deemed ‘cancer-free’ in February, from a Stage III diagnosis mid-September…truly a miracle!) – I’m certain that in addition to various personal shifts, a short-term series of concentrated La Casa protocols was pivotal to my healing, specifically: oxygen therapy x 4 sessions, ditto, whole body vibration, plus one pulse-magnetic session. La Casa’s owner–psychotherapist, author, speaker –- Dr. Jane Goldberg, is forever in pursuit of emergent technologies that offer accelerated healing. The prices are extremely fair and the best deal in town just might be La Casa’s membership package. Do check it out!”


“I have been developing craters (actual craters!) in my skull for the last couple of years. At the front of my head. They got really more pronounced last winter and I figured out that it was a Vitamin D deficiency. I have been taking 1000mg of D3 daily for the last couple of years, but it made only a slight difference.
Then Jane Goldberg at La Casa recommend I start taking this PH Miracle D supplement, and the craters have completely gone. And I have been taking it only once every 3 or 4 days. Getting this problem resolved is a giant weight off my mind.
These guys REALLY know what they’re talking about when it comes to health.”
-Alexandra N.


“I woke up at 4 a.m. with serious discomfort in my ear. Actually, it was more like serious itching. I had never had an ear infection or any ear problem in my life so what could this be? Thoughts of trying to find a doctor and paying outrageous bills were racing through my mind. I don’t have insurance. It’s a double-edged sword because it is a major hindrance when I really need a doctor, but on the other hand it keeps me away from them! I googled my symptoms and realized it was swimmer’s ear… funny I barely swim. The cause is bacteria and fungi. Of course everything online says to treat swimmer’s ear with antibiotics. I ran across just a few homeopathic remedies one of which called for drops of equal parts rubbing alcohol and acetic acid (plain vinegar). But first I asked Jane if I could have an ozone treatment. She informed me that ozone kills germs-perfect for nasty ear bacteria. I did a 15-minute treatment and immediately I felt much better. The itchiness was gone. It did come back, but not for another ten hours or so and never as intense as the night before. The next day I did the homeopathic drops twice and the third day another 15-minutes of ozone to get rid of any last bacteria. My ear is back to normal, no itching and when I press on it no tenderness. I don’t know if the ozone alone was responsible for my recovery but it did provide instant relief. The ozone combined with the drops was 100% effective. No hassle, no antibiotics, no doctor’s fees…..just cheap, fast and easy!”
-Maria Z.


“I am a southern country girl from the back roads of New Orleans Louisiana. NY was a bit overwhelming to me at first – until I found La Casa. It was like coming home. the staff was so friendly, I thought they were family. the ambiance looked like my back yard – filled with plants and trees. I had signed up for a massage – and it was exquisite – but while I was there, they were running a special – I could get another treatment with a $25 savings if I got it that same day. I opted for the super-enriched oxygen steam bath. Although it wasn’t exactly fun – because I was sitting for a half hour in a steam cabinet, they assured me that it was a powerful de-tox treatment. While I was having the therapy, I watched a CD about it – and learned a lot about the beneficial effects of the activated oxygen that was being pumped into the steam cabinet – and thus into my body. I learned that this is a frequently used form of therapy in Germany – as well as a lot of other countries. I felt cleansed like never before – from inside to out. My skin – everywhere on my body – smelled fresh and looked terrific. I ended my visit by buying a face gel that they make at the spa – it takes 3 weeks to infuse the gel (a combination of coconut, olive and macadamia oils) with the activated oxygen – and then they add over 20 essential oils to it. It had an amazing scent; it felt amazing on my face. I am going to make visits to La Casa part of my life now. It’s a great part of my new life in the Big Apple (as opposed to the Big Easy).
Pros: great attitude of staff; unusual and lovely treatments; best place for de-tox in the city,
Cons: oxygen bath was behind screens.”

Very friendly staff

La Casa Day Spa was a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. I had the Day of Detox package with the massage, float, and colonic and the therapists Jenn and Cher were great. The girl at the front desk was so nice and everyone made me feel welcome. I will definitely be back for more treatments.
Pros: friendly staff, interesting treatments.”


“I signed on for the Day of Detox, not knowing exactly what to expect. I walked in, and felt instantly, indeed, as their brochure promises: “transported”. I was a bit early, and relaxed, sipping peppermint tea amidst a wealth of plants in an interior, beautiful tropical garden. The deep tissue massage was great. My intestines have never felt cleaner, and the colon therapist was knowledgeable and put me right at ease. But the floatation was exquisite. I felt embraced by the warm water, totally supported in every way. Can’t wait for my next visit.
Pros: glorious setting, sweet staff, low-key,
Cons: None Noted.”


La Casa, is calming and inviting. The colonic went great! I felt amazing afterward and cannot thank La Casa Spa for creating such an amazing experience for me. I would highly recommend taking a day to cleanse and detox your body. Its well worth the time and money.”
-Kristin C.


La Casa has a very beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. Everyone there is very sweet and helpful. I loved my experience there! I got several treatments and all of them went perfectly. I left feeing rejuvenated, relaxed and even healthier. La Casa is unique because it’s not just about looking better and feeling pampered, but it’s about actually fixing your bodies problems and detoxing all the gross stuff we are constantly putting in our bodies (some of us without even realizing). This place and their workers helped me understand how to lead a healthier lifestyle while also helping me clean up all the damage I’ve done over the years. This family owned business is a gem. They truly care about everyones well being and it shows.”
-Molly G.