What Clients are Saying About the Lumina Nocturna

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“Within the first couple of minutes of lying with the Lumina Nocturna I dropped down into a very deep relaxed place and I noticed that my breathing really slowed down. I felt like it completely relaxed me deeper than I normally get when I am relaxed including even when I am meditating or anything else that I do that is about relaxing.

I normally don’t drink coffee but today I had drank a cup of de-caffeinated coffee which really wired me up because I am not used to it, so I still felt wired when I got to your office. And then that is just completely gone now. I even dozed in and out during the session.

I am shocked as to how deeply it relaxed me I wasn’t expecting that. Normally I don’t really lie still very effectively. I usually have some kind of leg twitching or some other restlessness, but today while being on the Lumina Nocturna, I felt none of that.

After about ten minutes there was a muscle in my lower back that released from a spasm. I didn’t even know the spasm was there to start with. It shocked me when it released. I was surprised. My body is not the type to release without some type of manipulation.”
-Diana M


“When my friend told me how much the cellular energizing therapy sessions with your light instruments had helped her heal from a serious illness, I agreed I would like to try them. I wasn’t suffering from any special problem but being 70 years old I felt I could use all the help I could get to stay healthy. Lying quietly with the special lights and soothing music I found myself relaxing and releasing stress. Although I had been having insomnia for over a year, I was able to sleep that night without a sleeping pill, just lying and remembering how safe and comfortable I had felt during the sessions.

That was almost a month ago and I have not taken a sleeping pill since then and sleeping calmly has improved my general health. I have come for a few sessions. My right eye has been swollen since a tumor was wrapped around the optic nerve but the swelling has gone down. I had a mole over the place where the tumor was removed and it too was swollen and painful. All the swelling is now gone as is the pain.

When I went to see my chiropractor he was astonished to see that my body was in much better shape than when he treated me six months ago. He said, ‘I’d swear you were ten or twenty years younger than when I treated you last. You were so fragile. Now you have much more strength and your body is more relaxed.’

The light therapy sessions are so healing and it always helps me to get my sleep, which adds to my good health.”


It’s a miracle that anything got me to relax because I have a difficult time with relaxing. I have had a history of anxiety and insomnia for decades although the anxiety has been worse in the last year. Even just sitting I haven’t been able to do in so long. Doing anything like reading or something like that is impossible because I just can’t sit still for any length of time.

About six months ago I went to the psychiatrist and told him that I think I am going to have to take something. I am a pretty health conscious person in general and am not inclined to take medications usually, but I had come to the point of deciding to try them anyway.

The psychiatrist gave me a number of things to try such as anti-depressants, but they all made me even more anxious. The psychiatrist even told me that I am crazy since he said that one doesn’t normally get a reaction like that from anti-depressants. I even felt suicidal. He did not spend any time at all just talking with me. I couldn’t believe it. Later someone told me that many anti-depressants can make you feel suicidal, that it is one of the many side effects of a lot of them.

So right now, after using the Lumina Nocturna, I feel relaxed. Normally I would be pacing and not just sitting here telling this to you. I can’t just sit still enough to watch television even. Usually I have pain issues too, but I have no pain right now. Today was a good day for pain though. My pain is usually about a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, and today I was about a 5 when I came in to your office. Now it is about a 3-ish sensation, but not pain.

It’s always a miracle if you can get me to relax, so it is a miracle because I am relaxed. Thank you.

Today, there was a nice sense of relaxation and the pain is better for sure. My pain was at an 8 today and right now it is down to a 2-ish. I have two different kinds of pain. My back
situation for the last two months had been painful because of fractures. I have osteoporosis. And then I also have bladder pain from chronic interstitial cystitis. I am not on any anti-depressants right now, but I would be if I were not so sensitive to them. So, the anxiety level that I had when I came in the door today was at a 4-5, and now it is about a 2.”


“Today, after laying down with the light of the Lumina Nocturna, I immediately went into a state of deep bodily relaxation and then sleep. It felt like a profound pull to sort of an inner level of rest. It also felt as though light was being projected between the cells of my body and that it sent light to my brain, which had a healing effect, the way that rest heals.

The drowsiness I experienced was smooth. It separated me from being disturbed from any external stimuli, and then I slid into a deeper state. My breathing became full, and it felt like it increased my intake of oxygen because my breathing was then very regular and deep.

The session today felt like it supported a meditative state. It was a beautiful experience. Highly relaxed.”


“I wish to thank you very much for what I hope I can adequately communicate about what I have experienced from the five ATP Inductor therapy sessions that I have received so far over these last three weeks.

With the first ATP Induction session, I noticed immediate relief from the chronic knee pain that I had been having. It did not completely go away since I still felt some discomfort when a certain amount of torque was applied to it. And, as you can remember from my first visit, I was hardly able to get from my car to your office, which has become increasingly easier with each visit.

I remember when I first came to your office, after sitting down to fill out the client information sheet, I very painfully and slowly arose making my way to the therapy room hardly able to get onto the table with a step stool and your help. So, there is definitely less pain and I have been maneuvering to the table by myself now.

Before coming for the ATP Induction sessions, I was hardly able to dress myself, and to make it to the bathroom on time had been almost impossible over this past year and for several years previous. In addition to the stiffness and pain, I was losing the ability to control the movement of my legs as well.

A few years ago I had been dropping into a lotus position from a standing position and then found myself unable to sit on the floor at all. So, after the first ATP Induction therapy session, I noticed the immediate relief from my knee pain and my lower back discomfort is also much better.

In the last three weeks I have been catching up on all the things that have gone undone over this last year. Before, I could only do activity for a short amount of time before I would start experiencing spasms and then seize up and not be able to move. The pain was like a toothache from the waist down. I have had numbness in my extremities for years so, that is not completely gone, but it is better. My body also feels less like a human pincushion or being stabbed with an invisible ice pick. Yes, this is better as well.

Each day as the pain lessens, the fatigue along with the mental confusion and depression is so much better too. The most interesting point what I would like to make is that I now experience my life force starting to return again. I would not have been able to write this three weeks ago. The fact is I have never been able to write anything before. I barely made it through school. I never wrote a report of
any kind and never wrote a letter to anyone. I would not send a card to anyone because I could not put a personal note together and my spelling was so bad never mind the embarrassment! It was sheer frustration of the worse kind but now, I find that I am able to write this to you!

During my first three weeks of your ATP Induction therapy sessions and after the 4th session, I noticed a set back of not any one particular symptom, but all the symptoms which I have written in the letter to you and the lack of that ‘energy thing’ was noticeable to the point that I do not want to go back to that state I was in ever again. I call it ‘THE DEAD ZONE’. But, then when I received my 5th ATP Induction session, it appears that I’m back on track again.

I know I would not have been able to write this letter to you before now! Where this is going and whether it is permanent who knows at this moment. In general from your light therapy sessions, I have experienced a more overall body healing that I cannot say that I expected nor counted on! I have a firm belief in GOD, miracles, and divine guidance as I have experience them all at different times in my life and I think that I was divinely guided to you. There is no doubt in my mind and I feel very grateful.”
-Shirley Ann


“I have a Systemic Lupus diagnosis, am legally blind, have pain in lungs and kidneys, peripheral neuropathy, have had insomnia for years, and felt angry all the time. After the first 45-minute session with the Lumina Nocturna I felt wonderful! I fell asleep and felt like I had a dream. I actually feel transformed. When I woke up, I just felt so gentle and not angry. I can see a little bit better too. I feel much more relaxed. I was exhausted when I came in and now I feel rejuvenated, like I can deal with life. I feel warmth too and I am usually always cold. I feel wonderful, like a new person. I am really relaxed and calm and the pain under my breast is gone. That is great!”


“I was suicidal after the sudden death of my fiancé – not to mention still having the very long-standing condition of insomnia prior to that. So thanks so much for the sessions with the Lumina Nocturna, because I am definitely not suicidal anymore, have great aspirations for my business, and am sleeping like a baby. I can’t really believe it since this all took place over approximately ten very relaxing half-hour sessions, although I felt the positive effects starting from the first. I had forgotten that I could have a smile on my face and if you could see me now, you would see it there! Thanks so much.”
-Tina C


“Unbelievable, that’s all I can say. Wow, I never expected this huge scar on my abdomen to improve so much. The color is almost back to normal and you can hardly feel that long, raised bump anymore. Can’t thank you enough. I’ll be able to go to the beach this summer. I am going to tell my friend, she could use your help. Am going to show my surgeon too. He won’t believe it unless I show it to him.”
-Jerry W.


“I am more than happy to tell you that after you used the Lumina Nocturna over my knees, I have been able to jog and do deep knee lunges again. I thought I was destined to never be able to run again, which has been more than disappointing, as running has always been my most favored form of exercise.

What was more than surprising though was that my knees transformed from being in pain and feeling somewhat unstable, to feeling strong, stable and without pain in just a few sessions. I’d call that a miracle! Thanks again ever so very much.”
-Chris B., Mathematician / Author


“With colonics and more (an investment that has well paid for itself), I had never had a lymphatic therapy session before, and was excited to have one, being a breast cancer survivor and having been interested in and practiced some alternative health methods for 20-plus years.

After my breast cancer in 1999, I became even more interested in everything that could improve my heath. I became very interested in how the body works and how there are many simple things we can do to improve our health. I Studied Hydro-Colonic Therapy and became a Colonic Therapist.

I had a session with a light instrument called the Lumina Nocturna and also a Lymphatic Drainage session. After this first therapy session, I felt extra energy and some of the aches and pains I had were not as painful.

Right away I knew that I wanted to have one of these instruments for myself, so I purchased one and began using it several times a week on myself. After a while, I noticed that I was feeling stronger and more of the pains and aches I had were going away. I used it on my ribs to help with the pain that was left over from the radiation treatment I had in 1999.

I use it to help my lymph system to drain excess fluid that I was retaining and although I was told that this particular instrument is not the one that was designed specifically for lymphatic drainage, I got great results and noticed the puffiness becoming less.

Later, I moved to Sacramento and started up another colonic business. I started using the Lumina Nocturna during the colonic irrigation sessions and noticed that somehow it affected the colon, and the colonic results were greater and results were sooner. I would place the ATP Inductor on different parts of the body where the lymph system was located. I noticed that I could see some of the whitish milky lymph passing out of the body with the bile. During a colonic, there is bile released from the liver and with the use of the ATP Inductor, the bile flow is even greater.

I have a damaged fingernail at the base of the cuticle, which I am very self-conscious of. I tried everything that I could think of without getting any results. A few months ago I thought maybe the Lumina Nocturna could help repair the cell damage in the nail base because this is what the doctor told me was wrong. He also told me that it was something I would have to live with, as there was no cure for this. But, since I have used the ATP Inductor on the cuticle, the nail has improved and I can’t wait to see it grow again. I only wish I had used it earlier.

I have also used the Lumina Nocturna on my stiff neck pains, headaches, foot pain and you name it – when I have pain I use the ATP Inductor. It was an investment that has well paid for itself.”
-Dorothy E., Colonic Therapist


“I am a 48-year-old female who has suffered with chronic pain for over 20 years. After two automobile accidents in the late 80’s, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and later with undifferentiated auto-immune disease and Sjogrens Syndrome. There is inflammation throughout my body with lots of clicking at my joints. I see a neuromuscular therapist, chiropractor, and lymphatic specialist weekly. These therapy sessions help me tolerate the pain.

Muscle cramps were manageable by day, but hard to control at night. Doctors prescribed Xanax, then Ambien, and finally Plaquenil Sulfate (an arthritis medicine) allowing me to sleep.

I had my first therapy session with the Lumina Nocturna along with a lymphatic drainage session. That night I slept more solidly than I could recollect, with several memorable dreams throughout the night. I woke refreshed. Since that time, I have had three additional therapy sessions with the Lumina Nocturna and can report the following findings:

*Wake several times throughout the night
*Wake with body aches
*Could not sleep more than 7-8 hours
*Takes 30 mins to get out of bed after stretching
*Stretching clicks joints back into place
*No dreaming, as wasn’t in deep REM mode
*Cracking neck, back & legs all day long

*Sleep solidly without waking
*Wake refreshed
*Can sleep up to 10 hrs without pain
*Can jump out of bed without pain
*No longer need to stretch to click joints back into place
*Dreaming now
*Muscles calm and pain-free

I do not believe that I even recognized how much pain I was in until after I tried the Lumina Nocturna. I am now without body aches and constant muscle spasms. This week I began working out – something that I haven’t done in many years. It is hard to put into words how great I feel! It is as though I am on a low dose of Flexeril, but slightly different. Better! I cannot honestly remember feeling this good. I feel like I am in an altered state of consciousness all the time.

Having just purchased the Lumina Nocturna for my home use, I intend on using this every other night for one hour before bedtime. I have stopped taking Neurontin altogether, and will be speaking with my Rheumatologist about discontinuing both the Plaquenil and Evoxac.”