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I love almonds. They are one of my favorite nuts. Here’s the good news. A new study looked at sperm quality in almond-eaters (as well as walnuts and hazelnuts). Some men ate nuts; some didn’t. The study was with 119 men. After 14 weeks, with only a handful of nuts per day, there was a significant difference: the sperm count was 16 percent higher in the nut-eaters, and the quality, motility, and shape of the sperm was improved.

I want everyone to eat nuts, especially almonds, with all their other health benefits as well as sperm count. (A past Musings outlines the myriad benefits.) But I also want everyone to enjoy healthy almonds. And that has become increasingly difficult. As well as referring to the benefits, I have written about the health concerns regarding almonds (in January 2014 and December 2014, and on a similar note, nut butters last month) first on my Musings, and then on Sayer Ji’s GreenMedInfo blog. Now, there is new bad news, I am sorry to report.

Recently, the U.S 9 th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the EPA to ban the pesticide Chlorpyrifos. Chlorpyrifos has ben used primarily on almonds and apricots. Chlorpyrifos was one of the creations of Dow Chemical. It was put to market in 1965 as an alternative to the-then controversial pesticide DDT (which was banned several years later). As health concerns about Chlorpyrifos rose, in 2000 the government and the chemical industry negotiated a settlement to eliminate its use in residential settings. But it was still permitted to be used in agriculture.

The recent ruling is particularly interesting as a political hot potato. Attempts have been made since 2007 to ban the chemical from agricultural application. During the Obama administration, the EPA had begun the process of complete banning of the chemical. After Trump became President, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announced he was “reversing the previous administration’s steps,” and would allow farmers to continue using Chlorpyrifos. This decision was made despite a 2016 EPA conclusion that the pesticide was harmful to farmworkers and their children— and, as well, could be dangerous to those eating the foods grown with the chemical. The EPA study further cited data from California regulators showing that Chlorpyrifos was affecting air quality in three largely agricultural communities: Salinas, Ripon and Shafter.

Documentation of the danger of the chemical has continued. In 2012, a Columbia University study concluded that pregnant women exposed to Chlorpyrifos can give birth to children with low IQs as well as other problems. In 2017, a report in the Journal of Neurochemistry concluded that exposure to the chemical can lead to “neurological deficits that range from cognitive impairments to tremors in childhood.”

And, now there is yet another problem for almonds. On August 2, the FDA issued a recall for Vanilla Almond Breeze almond milk because cartons were found to contain real milk.

The recall was for 145,254 half-gallon cartons across 28 states. Of course, if a consumer is buying almond milk, there is the reasonable expectation that animal dairy is not one of the ingredients.

I suggested in one of my Musings that a better alternative for insuring that you have healthy almond milk is to make your own. I still stand by that recommendation. And, as well, to further insure that your almonds are truly organic, untreated with pesticides, and raw, it is advisable to order directly from a farmer who has a roadside stand. By law, these are the only US grown almonds that are guaranteed to be truly raw and organic. Through a quirk in the law, although almonds may be labeled raw and organic, they can still be treated with toxic chemicals or pasteurization.

My Brainercize Program Explained!

I recently spoke about a brain-enhancement exercise program that I have been working on for a decade, called Brainercize. The talk took place at a roundtable hosted by my long-time friend and Financial Advisor, Steven Feldstein. Learn about how to keep your brain healthy through play, and what the brain has in common with tofu! (…Also why I hate tofu, but love my brain!) 

You can watch the talk in full by clicking HERE.

Book Your Room at La Casa de Vida,
Puerto Rico Now!

Our stunning La Casa Spa & Wellness, in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, is finally getting back on its feet again after hurricanes Irma and Maria did terrible damage.

We are planning workshops after the new year. Please watch for announcments later on dates.

In evaluating many state-of-the-art eco-technoligies for building dome homes, we think we have found one that fits our needs most appropriately (ncluding cost). We’re really excited about beginning the building, and expanding our residences on the farm.

Until we formally re-open as a holistic center, we are welcoming guests back into the rainforest cottage. Many,  though not all therapies are currently available, including horse-back riding, yoga lessons, Wim Hof breathing lessons, massages, and holistic evaluation of health by a certified healing practitioner. All therapies are on the premises. Vegetarian meals (using some fruits and vegetables grown ON the farm)  are also available upon request at time of booking.

Based on our many online reviews, all recent guests have had fantastic times!

“Such hospitable people! They stayed up late for us to check in and walked us to our little condo on the property. At breakfast they gave us coffee, fresh grown papaya and bananas, as well as coconuts, before we ventured to the rainforest. Lovely people with great views and quiet ambience. Only the frogs and crickets could be heard. Amazing.”

“The location is absolutely amazing. You are in the middle of nature even though you are just minutes away from shopping and nightlife. The outdoor shower gives you a million dollar view of the El Yunque forest and the room was clean and spacious. I will absolutely return if I come back to Puerto Rico. Absolutely amazing hosts.”

“Wonderful, as usual.”



You can make a reservation via Airbnb by clicking HERE.

Alternatively, you can call our on-site manager, Jyl, directly on 754-779-4996.

Jane will be visiting between Sept 21 and Oct 1, if anyone wishes to coordinate a visit with her.

Respectfully submitted by:
*Licensed Psychologist
*Certified  Psychoanalyst
*Stone Carrier Medicine Woman, Native American Traditional Organization

Come To The Next

Dr. T Lecture and Clinic!

This month, Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren is giving a lecture titled ‘UnAmerican Innovations in Cancer Treatment & True Prevention.’ The New York City talk will cover a number of fascinating topics, including:

  • Why are many well-established, successful cancer approaches considered unAmerican?
  • Why are “cancer success” statistics of alternative (holistic) approaches highly distorted?
  • What is virotherapy and why is it essential?
  • What is Laser Tumor Therapy and what are its strengths and limitations?
  • Promising cancer approaches that surprisingly haven’t penetrated American mainstream

The lecture takes place on Tuesday, August 28 at 7:30pm. You can purchase tickets for $10 HERE.


Dr. T is also hosting a skin clinic at Light Touch Laser Laser Spa, on Friday,

August 31, 3-7pm.

All appointments are for brief skin lesion inspection, and immediate removal if indicated.

You can make an appointment using the details found HERE.

If attending, please bring a photo ID in order to get into the building.

In relation to my last Musings on poison ivy, reader

Bob Avery writes:

“Back in my grandmother’s day, people would eat PI to develop an immunization to it.”

My reply:

“Your grandmother’s day is my day too! OMG, am I old enough to be your grandmother?! Anyway, yes, when I was younger, I too heard that. I never tried it however.”

Upcoming NYC Talk About Healing The Holistic Way!

Last Musings, we told you a little about Lubna Khalid — a La Casa client and international empowerment speaker who healed herself naturally of second stage, triple negative breast cancer, in one year’s time. Lubna’s upcoming talk (at WeWork Penn Station) has been re-scheduled to September 12th.

Entrance is free, but attendees need to register in advance. To add your name to the guest list, just click HERE.


Vibrational Sound Therapy? It’s a Didgeridoo! 

Last month, La Casa hosted Craig Goldberg doing free demos with his awesome VibroAcoustical PLatform. We were filled to the brim with eager participants.

This past week, didgeridoo musician, Joda Cook, continued my experience with sound healing. You can see the full video of how my session with Joda went, by clicking HERE. Joda will be in NY for a little while longer, and is happy to offer sessions to interested people. 



“Life-style trumps genes” is one of the most important lessons on health that I want to impart. My mother and sister were both dead of cancer long before they reached the age that I am currently (72). Pictures above are of me on my 72nd birthday, two months ago. I am healthy, have no diseases, live an active lifestyle (swim, run, do yoga), and am a 50-year vegetarian. Yet, according to genetic predictions, I should probably be dead. Statistical estimates are that I have a 16 times higher chance of getting cancer than someone without my genetic history. Rather than dying, I thrive in my lifestyle, my age, and my infinite curiosity. (Watch the attached video of me talking about Brainercize, and about the etymology of the word cure (“cura”) — from which we get the word curiosity. CURIOSITY is the CURE.

My mother was my first inspiration/lesson about the reversibility of cancer.

I created La Casa Spa and Wellness Center long before holistic medicine was widely known. My mother and I spent the 1970s seeking alternative cancer therapies because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer mestaticized to terminal bone cancer. Following sound principles of holistic health, my mother was able to reverse her cancer condition entirely, moving from her wheelchair to joyfully playing tennis again.

After my father died, my mother’s cancer came roaring back with a vengeance. I understand the resurgance of my mother’s illness to be entirely related to the loss of her one-and-only-beloved.

These experiences — of my mother getting sick, my mother fully reversing terminal cancer, and my mother’s cancer coming back after the biggest emotional loss of her life — inspired me to specialize in my psychoanalytic practice to work with cancer patients, and to fulfill the need for a holistic healing center. La Casa started as a destination holistic center in the rain forest jungle  of Puerto Rico, and then in the urban jungle of NYC. I invite my readers, and all others, to partake of the restorative and profoundly cleansing therapies that have brought La Casa world-wide recognition. A personal note: there is not a single therapy offered at both La Casas that I have not incorportated into my own lifestyle.

Legal Disclaimer
Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products or therapies have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA nor any other medical authority approved these products pr therapies to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every person is unique, we highly recommend you to consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of products or therapies discussed here as it relates to your particular situation.



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