Mind, Energy and Matter Integrated effective discovery and treatment at La Casa

Dr. Jane Goldberg introduced me to a healing system that transcended the multiple pill or treatment methods that we are exposed to in commercial medicine today.  In fact, it identified and produced corrections in a body that hid its weakness in a tiny place in my heart, spleen and eyes. Dr. Goldberg did corrections using her holistic approach and 30% to 100%  healing occurred. The next day my vision improved 30%, the pain in my side was 60% relieved and my anxiety levels reduced 100%. By the way I hobbled into her office with a severe gout attack in my left foot, the normal turn around for gout was 4 to 5 days.  The next day it was 70 % gone.

Thank you Dr. Goldberg for pioneering into the wonderful world of integrative alternatives.

Kindest Regards,